Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Farewell Phoebe, We'll Miss You

Standard procedure for seeing off a departing Trender at the Taiwan BU is to take them to KTV (karoke). Rather than having to go to a restaurant, a bar, and then a place to sing, everything's taken care of in one convenient location.

Food is not so hot, and the beer is suspiciously light tasting (read: watered down), but hey the music selection is extensive and plenty of microphones to go around.

Over the years I've observed that KTV sessions follow a similar pattern. The stronger singers end up dominating the mics in the beginning. After the beer and other beverages start to flow, other not-so-strong singers get braver and start to sing. By the end, all the closet singers are out bellowing with the best of them (some surprisingly good, others...).

I did a haunting rendition (interpret anyway you like) of Sandy Lam's (林憶蓮) Fly Far Away (遠走高飛). No matter how hard they try, I don't think anyone who was there will easily forget that performance.

I bought our dearly departing co-worker some "special" gifts: deck of cards, mask, and some oil :). Enjoy Europe!


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