Monday, June 20, 2005

117, 36, 3

P6200011, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

Second time playing and shot a 117. The course is in Long Tan Taiwan and actually quite challenging. More difficult than the course we shot at last month in Tanshui.

I also shot 3 on a hole which was good for par :).

Driving to the course in the afternoon the outside temperature was hovering around mid 30's. Contrary to what I was expecting, there was a strong wind and actually it was quite comfortable on the course. Not nearly as hot as I was anticipating.

I've observed that my energy level drops significantly hitting the final few holes and is heavily reflected in my score.

Now I've got two goals whenever I play.

1. Beat my previous score.

2. Shoot par on at least one hole.

Oh, also won a couple prizes, one for nearest to pin 1st shot and the other nearest to pin 2nd shot.


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