Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Death in a dream

Prefer not to blog about dreams, but this one was particularly memorable as I died and then come back as a ghost.

Anna and I were in the back of a jeep on a high mountain road in some country. The jeep went backwards off the road and started to free fall over the cliff. Instinctively I started to think about how to protect Anna, but then realized based on the length of the free fall no matter what I did the result would end up the same. No one would be walking away from this accident. So I switched to telling her how much I loved her until impact.

Although I died in the dream, the dream continued and there I was a ghost. Anna was also there, but she was now a teenager. One of the scenes from the dream include me returning to Parksville Middle School and roaming the halls. There was another ghost (Brenda from Six Feet Under) and I discovered that not all ghosts see the "real world" the same way. It's proportional to how "good" a life you led. The better the life, the better the world appears, and vice versa.


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