Thursday, March 10, 2005

Off to Singapore

A few more days and I'm off to Singapore (first time) to do some training. I've always associated the words "clean" and "hot" with Singapore. When my friend told me many moons ago that chewing gum in Singapore was illegal I seem to remember not believing him.

If Singapore is the Lion City and Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient, what's Taipei? Think the tourism people need to work on that one.

One way to quickly find out about a place is to read what others are saying. Here's a travel forum called the Thorn Tree provided by Lonely Planet. Besides forums based on location they also include ones such as: on your bike, older travellers, travelling with kids, women travellers, etc.

After a quick browse of Singapore-related posts could find out: where's a good place for storage, where to buy cameras, cheapest flight Singapore > Sydney, etc. Best to be very specific with your search key word. For example, "Singapore" produces 386 results, while "Singapore Night Life" produces 156. After all the training does finish in the afternoon...


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