Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stop the media madness

There's a lot of domestic tension between political parties over the decision of the opposition party head (Lien Chan) to visit China.

I was just watching the news and there's a lot of physical conflict at the airport between the blue (Lien Chan's party) and the green (president's party). On the one hand, I admire Taiwanese for being so passionate about politics. On the other hand it just seems like there's better ways to express ideas and opinions. More effective ways to protest.

The media is getting out of hand. On the news there was a group of people basically boot stomping this guy who was already lying on the ground. I don't know who was blue or green, but the guy on the floor was leaking red. And all the while dozens or more photographers are standing by clicking away.

Another scene at the airport, people are lighting firecrackers and tossing them around. Why? No idea. But there's the media again, fighting with each other to get pictures. I really wonder if the media isn't making things worse and contributing to a vicious cycle: violent acts > lots of media attention > more violent acts (partly because people know there will be lots of media and people watching) > more media coverage > and so on...


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