Wednesday, April 13, 2005

TBA 2005 Playoffs have begun

The Trend Basketball Association (TBA) tournament started this Monday. It's really cool, the company gets referees and scorekeepers and organizes a schedule. During halftime spectators can win money by participating in skill shooting contests. One year my director (not a tall woman) had two shots to make a basket during one of these skill shooting contests. After her first shot was nowhere in the same solar system as the basket, another director started making fun of her. He said if she made the second one he would pay something like 10x the original prize. She walked up to the line, aimed and shot... swish. Unbelievable.

This is the 5th year I've participated in the tournament. The teams are different each year and are usually organized by department and the strength of the players within those departments. It's a round-robin tournament and after each team has played every other team, the top two teams play for first and second and the other teams battle it out for third and fourth. There are trophies and cash prizes awarded to all the teams. The team I played on in 2003 won the championship and in 2004 took second place.

This year we have a good chance of taking home the gold and returning to the 2003 glory days. We played our first game on Monday and won 46 - 30.


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