Thursday, March 31, 2005

No eating for 10 days...

That's what I did my last year of university when I was 22.

I went to a health food store and picked up the Master Cleanser.

[Warning, if you want to do a fast, follow the book exactly or consult a health expert.]

For 10 days I only drank a mixture composed of a few ingredients. The ones I can remember are freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and real maple syrup. Whenever you feel hungry just drink the mixture. The first day after going more than 16 hours without food I was quite cranky, but as the days passed I got used to not eating and only drinking the master cleanser drink. There were a few things I noticed during my cleanse:

1. every other t.v. commercial was for food,
2. I was losing about a pound/day and could really notice it in my face,
3. I wasn't eating, but I was still going to the washroom (scary stuff, but kind of the whole point of doing the cleanse),
4. I missed the sensation of chewing,
5. I still had lots of energy, and attended classes, did sports as usual.

Besides the master cleanser drink, very quickly drinking 500ml of lukewarm water with sea salt in the morning was an optional activity. One morning after chugging down the lukewarm sea salt water (not easy, and tastes about as good as it sounds) and then half an hour later going to the washroom and seeing the sea salt water again only a different hue, though effective, I decided to pass on further optional activities.

After completing the 10th day I followed the book's instructions and eased off the fast. I began by drinking orange juice, then soup, and then slowly began eating "softer" solid foods. After 10 days my system had adjusted to the fluid-only diet, and if I went straight back to solid foods I would probably make myself very ill.

It's almost been 10 years and I'd really like to do it again, but I have a hard enough time getting Griffon to eat as it is and if he saw I wasn't eating, well...


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