Saturday, July 02, 2005

Two Weddings and Lots of Traffic

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Last Saturday 06/25 was a "lucky" day according to the lunar calender so naturally it's a day for people to get married on including two of my co-workers. One in the afternoon in Hsin Chu, and the other in the evening in Taipei. I offered to drive and 6 other co-workers hopped on board, maxing out the Wish.

Normally it takes around an hour to get to Hsin Chu from Taipei. Because of the "lucky" day it took us almost 3. We were on the #3 freeway at 10:50 and figured we would get there just after noon. Unfortunately it seemed others made a similar estimate and traffic was a nightmare.

Coming back was a little better, but not by much. What made the situation worse was the number of the accidents on this "lucky" day.


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