Thursday, August 11, 2005

Canada, Summer '05 Closing Thoughts

Think I definitely accomplished my goals: 1. Keep Griffon entertained, 2. Give him more exposure to English. He's became more willing to speak during the course of the trip and that willingness has carried over after our return.

Other things to remember for Canada, Summer '06:

* Before trip ask Mom if needs any electronic stuff.
* Bring copy of PC-cillin for Trev.
* With kids, night flights are the way to go.
* Confirm with airlines want kid's meals. Kid's ticket isn't enough?!?
* Next year pack car seat for Anna.
* Pack the camera and video rechargers.
* Shoot more video, and bring relevant cords so can shoot during day and watch at night with everyone.
* Set up tent again for Griffon on the porch.
* Not be so aggressive posting pictures and blog entries. Takes up a lot of time.
* Don't pack so many shoes: tevas, and golf shoes should do it.
* Manage expectations on the amount of books to bring.
* Wear a hat more often and go generous with sunscreen. Just because not Asia-hot, doesn't mean not getting bombarded by rays.
* Instead of going to usual places, consider closeby outdoor hikes.
* When rolling on grass, first check for wasps. Shoulder sting, ouch.
* Ask how much it costs to print digital pictures first. In Parksville, 0.89/print, double ouch!


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