Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Canada, Summer '05-Comox Valley

Comox Valley
Comox Valley, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

Went up Sunday night to Comox to visit my friend Jamey. Takes about an hour to get there from from Nanoose on the new inland highway (110 KM speed limit).

Jamey was housesitting a place that has a pool and a hot tub.

The next day we went and visited his recently purchased home and then went to Cumberland to hike trails and boulder.

Unfortunately as we were coming off the trail onto a road, we encountered angry, aggressive wasps. Dave (ankle), Katie (ankle), and poor Griffon (back of the head) were all stung. I was picking the wasps off Griffon's head, but because of his hair I didn't see the one on the back of his head. Poor little guy. First wasp sting. Ouch!


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