Thursday, July 28, 2005

Canada, Summer '05-Coombs

Coombs, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

The Coombs Country Market. Its claim to fame, goats on the roof and great ice cream.

Last year they had several kid rides, but this year only the train ride remained, and the same red-eyed, slurred speech guy running it.

There's lot of little shops with various knick knacks so managed to pick up something for Anna and Kate's dad (strike two off the list).

The market is run by a few families and a good friend and daughter of one of the families once worked there. Every year I go there I check to see if she's working, but have yet to see her. However, her cousin told me she's still living in Qualicum and that I should give her a call as her number is in the book.


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