Saturday, July 02, 2005


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Last Sunday we drove to Sanshia with Kate's high school classmates.

Sanshia is close to Taipei and luckly unlike the day before traffic was reasonable.

At Sanshia we went to this place called "Queen" something where we had lunch and the kids played in the water. The place is nice, but the air conditioning for the restaurant was wholly unsufficient. When it's 30-something degrees out and the air conditioning isn't strong enough, the dining experience tends to suffer.

There's also a pool there, but if you go down the bank you'll find a nice creek or as my friend Sam from Ontaria used to call it a "crick'.

Kate's classmates took us there and we drove on one of the most scenic roads I've driven on in Taiwan. Sure it didn't have the breath-taking scenery you see while driving in Taroko, or the mountain ranges when driving up to Hehuan Shan, but it just had the simple beauty of a country road; plenty of green and an uncluttered landscape.


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