Sunday, August 28, 2005

Jonathan Lee Live!- 2005.08.27

Jonathan Lee Live!- 2005.08.27
Jonathan Lee Live!- 2005.08.27, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

Jonathan Lee Live!- 2005.08.27

Jonathan Lee Live!- 2005.08.27

Went to Jonathan Lee (李宗盛) and Huajian's (周華健) concert Saturday night. Nice thing about having friends in the music industry: VIP passes.

For those that don't know, Jonathan Lee is a an icon in the Mandarin music industry. Everyone calls him "big brother" to show their respect. Probably a song writer first, Jonathan is also a producer, musician, composer, and businessman. A very talented and very busy guy.

The concert was held in Taipei county (Xin zhuang) so Kate, Griffon, and I took the MRT to Ximen and from there rode a cab the rest of the way. The Xin zhuang stadium is well designed, unfortunately can't say the same for the roads surrounding it.

Jonathan and Huajian have worked together for 20+ years, but this was the first time they held a concert together. I was quite impressed. For two guys in the twilight of their career, both of them sang with a lot of energy which the crowd fed off of.

Both shared the stage in the beginning, then it was Huajian's turn to have the spotlight to himself, after which Jonathan took over. At the end they re-joined on stage again and sang more.

The concert started around 8 and finished slightly before midnight. After crew and some others went to Huajian's newly opened restaurant on Chung Xiao E. Rd. for late night snacks.

Both of the stars had little time to eat and chat as they had to still do photoshoots, interviews, and sign autographs until almost 3:00 AM. Who says being a star is easy?


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