Monday, September 05, 2005

First birdie and lots of rain

Played at the Taiwan Suncity Golf and Country Club a couple of weeks ago and tapped in my first birdie on the 4th hole. Par 3 and hitting downhill. I hit the ball off the tee and it landed on the edge of the green. The green was also heavily sloped downhill. Didn't really think about it too long, just tapped it and it rolled in. Despite playing quite poorly the rest of the day I was still happy with my first birdie.

Based on a story I heard from my co-worker, I kept the ball and wrote the date and course on it.

Up until the 9th hole we experienced the odd shower, but nothing that really impacted our play. As we started on the 10th, it started raining heavier and heavier, and was soon dumping down. The green was basically flooded, but one of our team members was still trying to putt it in. We called it a day and after some discussion with management only paid for the first nine holes.

Lesson learned: if you're not sure if it's going to dump after the first 9 holes, before you tee off from the 10th find out what their policy is if it begins to rain too hard. It might be worth it to call it a day and only pay for half rather than playing one or two holes and then quitting but still have to pay for full 18 holes.


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