Thursday, May 24, 2007

New photo workflow

With a new computer (iMac) and new photo management software (iPhoto) took awhile to create a streamlined process (transfer pictures, manage/arrange, edit, then post to flickr). But now pretty much have it down so stay tuned for higher frequency of posting pictures to my flickr page,

Had been using the previous Windows > Picasa > Flickr process before and really was hesistant to have to learn a whole new process/software. Before even looking at iPhoto I checked to see if there was a Mac-version of Picasa (nope).

Which got me thinking about comfort zones and what it takes for people to move out of them to learn new things. I've been using computers both at work and after work in the IT industry for 10 years. I was a technical writer for about 3/4s of the time which meant it was my job to learn new software, document it in a language the audience could understand, using the appropriate tools to reach that audience. If I'm hesistant to learn new process/software, what does it take for those folks who aren't surrounded by computers?


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