Tuesday, July 24, 2007

B.C. prawn fishing

Fresh B.C. prawns.
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This was a first. Prawn fishing in Georgia Strait, just off Schooner Cove, Vancouver Island. Basically consists of filling a bunch of prawn traps with bait, sinking them to a depth of around 300 feet and then pulling them up sometime later.

Prawn traps look like nothing more than buckets with netting inside that will let the prawns crawl in, but will also prevent them from leaving.

Whole process only takes a couple of hours. This day we brought in 150 for four traps. Well under the 200/trap limit, but still not bad... and tasty, tasty.


Blogger SilverKingLodge alaskanfishing said...

I hope you write more about Prawn Fishing in the future. I'm just starting to learn more about them. Thanks.

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