Monday, March 14, 2005

First day in Singapore

Arrived last night. Near the arrival doors in the airport there is a big Singapore Tourist center with lots of free information. Very helpful. I exchanged some money thinking the hotel would have a better rate. Wrong. So need to got to money exchanger tonight. Singapore's not cheap.

From the airport took hotel shuttle bus (SG $7). Hotel shuttle is significantly cheaper than usual taxi, but if there's lot of other passengers you could end up taking twice the amount of time a regular taxi would take. However, you also get a "free tour" and meet other people. There was a guy there visiting from Kamploops, B.C. Small world. Ended up getting in well past dark so last night just ended up checking in, and reviewing pre-read materials for the training (receiving, not giving).

Today arrived bright and early for the continental breakfast before the training started (9:00 AM show time). The instructor is another Canadian from Vancouver. Quite cool considering he's a world-class trainer and quite sought after. Our class had approx. 30 students with people from Cisco, Avaya, IBM, Hitachi, and other not-so-famous companies (no other security vendors). Mostly people are from Australia, and other countries from South-East Asia. I'm the only one from Taiwan.

Bruce (trainer) does funny physical things during the training, for instance when he's talking about channel partners being "horizontal" he'll lay on the ground; when he describes product managers launching products he'll cover his eyes and toss things over his back; when he describes pms bringing new offerings to channel partners, like the easter bunny, he'll prance and skip around like the easter bunny.

I was surprised he was using overheads as opposed to a project/ppt combination. Reminds me of being back in university.

Well off to walk around an do the tourist thing...


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