Thursday, May 05, 2005

Let's hear it for hi-comm

Yesterday had a big pow-wow with the entire TW office. Chairman, CEO, Jenny... the whole family was there.

I rather like hi-comm meetings. It's a good way to catch up with what's going on with the overall company and see how we are doing compared with last year at the same time. Unlike usual it was held at the Westin Hotel on Nanjing E. Rd. Nice place.

Probably my favorite is award time. I was especially happy to see two awards handed out. One to my ex-big boss Amy for the company value change award. Way to go Amy! The other was for employee of the quarter. Good job Laverne.

At the end there's always a QA session for people to ask executives questions. Without fail, unless a foreigner primes the pump, the room quickly fills with silence. And usually a "friend" from HR will actively seek me out to get things going. This time I told her I was ignoring her, but then later felt guilty and ended up asking the CEO a question.


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