Sunday, August 14, 2005

Eliminating doubts when selling music

Years ago, I remember browsing CDs in a music store and seeing one that looked interesting. I had heard the name of the band, but couldn't really recall any of their songs. So there I was, buy or don't buy? Obviously my main concern was should I take a risk on buying something that has only a couple of good songs?

Yesterday I was in Carrefour in Hsin Dian and they have a system in place that elminates that doubt and makes it easy to buy. It's simple, just place any CD's bar code underneath a reader, pick up the headphones and start listening. Each song lasts for 30 seconds and you can skip through the songs to make sure there's lots of quality ones.

Previously I'd seen this type of system, but there was only a limited number of CDs you could sample from.

It seemed to be quite popular. I'm sure they must collect the data on number of CDs sampled and then compare that to actual CD purchases.

Now if only they could increase the selection of their Western CDs...

(ps. I did end up buying the CD mentioned in intro, but wasn't super impressed).


Blogger robot action boy said...

fnac used to let you listen to any cd in the shop as long as it didn't have special packaging, etc. but now they've scrapped that system. :(

why are you buying cds in carrefour when there are so many other better places to buy cds? of course it's been years since i've even really looked at cds in carrefour, but i can't imagine their selection would be anything special.

11:17 AM  

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