Sunday, September 11, 2005

Redmond and SMB Nation Conference

Tomorrow will be my third day attending the SMB Nation conference at the Microsoft Conference Center.

I'm eating way too much. Can't help it there's just so many delicious snacks out. One in particular is this brownie with white chocolate and raspberry. Dangerous.

Conference is going well. Over last couple of days it's great hearing resellers say time and time again "love your product, that's all I'll sell", "swear by Trend products, won't touch anything else", etc.

Probably best feeling is when Trend resellers are promoting Trend products to other resellers. An example from a Trend reseller to a current Symantec user "I don't owe Trend anything, and Trend doesn't owe me anything, but I've been using them for 7 years with all of my clients, and they have yet to disappoint me."

Getting to know more people in the SBS community. Fun bunch. I recognize some of the resellers from the Microsoft Partner Conference I attended in July.

Met an ex-Trender for lunch today. Haven't seen him for at least a couple of years. He's starting his own company in China with others.

Tonight went to Seattle for some dinner. Strange, but even though Seattle is a few hours away from Vancouver, this was my first time. Had some tasty halibut in a restaurant called Anthony's Bell Street Diner. Despite the name, quite fancy. Would return.

Tomorrow I fly down to Cupertino and will be there for a week before I return to Taipei.


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