Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Presenting in Las Vegas

Sitting in the Cupertino Inn in Cupertino, California and reflecting on the last couple of days.

Was in Las Vegas for my first sales kick off meeting. They set us up at the Hard Rock Hotel which is a little way from the strip.

I was asked to give a presentation to the US sales team. I've heard that on average people have a stronger fear of public speaking than death and I believe it.

I worked and rehearsed this presentation more than any previous one.

The night before walked through with other team members and based on feedback significantly streamlined.

Next morning had to rush through it because we were behind schedule.

Despite all that I feel the presentation went well and actually received compliments from co-workers I hadn't met before. other than practice, practice, practice, for me the key is in the opening to connect with the audience which at the same time helps remove nervousness.


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