Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Miracle 2007

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Feel quite proud that I drove this and we all actually got together. Hadn't seen a number of my fellow Uvic classmates for around 10 years.

So we had started planning for this actually back in 2006, last year when I was in Canada.

Rather than just getting together thought it would be fun to go hiking together and originally I had suggested doing the Juan De Fuca Strait hike based on Jamey's recommendation.

Around May started emailing everyone using subject line Juan De Fuca Strait 2007, but the response was less than enthusiastic (none). Kept at it (renamed subject line to Miracle 2007 because that's what I thought it would take to get everyone together) and to make a long story short an easier, more likely situation was suggested that maybe we should just get together so everyone could see each other.

A bbq was held at Paula's and a good time was had by all.

Looking to repeat in 2008 (weekend before BC day long weekend).


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