Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Advanced Channel Workshop- Completed!

After two days have completed the Advanced Channel Workshop (and I have the certificate to prove it :)). Learned a lot and still wrapping my head around key things he kept hammering into us. The materials they provide are very solid and will provide as good reference material.

Have to really hand it to Bruce (trainer). He delivered the training with as much enthusiasm and energy on the 16th hour as he did the first hour. Don't know how he does it. Took a picture with him after the workshop ended and also helped the Citrix team take a group photo. This time to change things up, decided to take the MRT back to the hotel. Unlike Taipei, after you reach your destination, you need to return the card to the machine to receive your deposit. Definitely more hassle for user than Taipei MRT.

Last night walked to China town and took in some of the sights. It was interesting to see the old colonial-style buildings. Tonight I'm off to see Little India and eat some delicious Indian food.


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