Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shimen Dam

Kate's aunt is visiting from Malaysia so yesterday we did a quick day trip to the Shimen Dam. Fun for me too, since I've also never been there. Took the Bei Er Gao and ran into lots of traffic along the way. Finally got to the gates, paid the NT$100 entrance fee and... waited... for Kate's other relatives to show up.

By that time it was lunch and we had a really forgetful meal at the only place that served vegetarian noodles (Kate's aunt is a hard-core vegetarian; even onions are a no-no). Also this was the only place that didn't advertise "live fish".

Easy to catch fish at nearby lake + hungry tourists = many "live fish" restaurants.

The Shimen dam area is nice place to walk around: green, fresh air, and nice scenery.


After walking around we drove to the nearby Fu tian hobby farm/petting zoo.



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