Sunday, November 18, 2007

Griffon's 7th in 2007

Since Griffon was born in 2000 it will always be easy to instantly know which birthday he's celebrating (e.g., 2011, 11th birthday, 2025, 25th birthday, etc.). Similar to my grandfather who was born in 1900.

We knew we were going to host a birthday party for Griffon, but weren't sure about the activities. If you have over a dozen energetic kids, need some event to keep them entertained.

I tried to find a magician, but the prices quoted were quite ridiculous for a kid's party.

Kate found an party organization online and so we had a clown come and perform magic tricks, blow up balloons for kids, and just entertain them for an hour.

Worked out well. The clown was the highlight of the party.

Pics here.


If you look closely at this picture there's a drawing in the background. One of Griffon's classmates (Jessica) drew this portrait of Griffon and gave it to him for this birthday.


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