Sunday, November 18, 2007

TYPA K1 Soccer '07-08-Game 1 ROVERS VS. RANGERS

We had our first practice/game Saturday. Our team name is the Rovers and there's 16 players and 2 coaches.

After meeting in cafeteria and squaring drinks/snack schedule and jerseys, we went and practiced.

After a quick warm up session, we split the team into two groups of 8, with Paul handling one group and myself the other.

We would demonstrate a skill in front of the group and then each take our respective group and ask them to practice it.

This week was dribbling, passing, and throw-ins.

Game rules are no goalies and 8 kids aside, with quick rotations.

We played a 4-2-2 (4 forwards, 2 midfielders, 2 defense). Thought my squad did quite well. Originally I wanted to rotate the players to different positions, but decided it would be too confusing.

Not many action pictures of Griffon because whenever his squad is playing, I'm the designated coach/referee. Think I need Kate to help out next game.



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