Sunday, May 25, 2008

Master Cleanser Day 7

Today was rough. It was Kate's Mom's birthday so the family went to a vegetarian buffet. Two hours of sitting there watching people eat plate, after plate, after plate isn't fun.

Later we went to Jason's Market in 101 to buy more maple syrup (half the amount for about 50% more expensive than Costco) and it's sample central there. Pasta, sausages, cheese, salad... every aisle has someone pushing food at you to sample.

Probably because of travel I'll only be able to stay on the fast for 12 days instead of 14. Of course one of the side benefits of cleaning out your system is the accompanying weight loss. I'm averaging over losing a pound per day.

Sunday 05/18 weight- 75kg (165 lbs).

Sunday 05/25 weight- 71.6kg (157.52 lbs).


Anonymous Hsinchu Codeslave said...

I usually do a "fruit-only" day once a week, since I do tend to get a little weak occasionally and I have to work.
The master cleanser sounds interesting, are you still able to work while doing it?

6:54 PM  
Blogger Dal Gemmell said...

hi hsinchu code slave,

Yes absolutely still work and function regularly.

In addition attended my kung fu class both times last week.

9:41 AM  

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