Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiking Big Interior

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Second Island Mountain summit. First was last year's King's Peak. This year was Big Interior. Set here.

Originally we planned on starting Friday, but weather forced us to wait until Saturday. We started on the trail Saturday 08/09 at 11AM and finished Sunday 08/10 7:30 PM.

Elevation: 1,857 m (6,093 ft).

Saturday was wet. Both during our hike and it continued after we set up camp around 7 hours after we initially set off. A couple of new pieces of gear that came in handy, softshell, and pack cover. Met a few folks on the trail, including group from the Vancouver Island Alpine club.

After our dinner of thai curry we played crib in the tent and eventually the rain stopped. Lesson learned only change into your dry clothes when you know you're no longer going to leave the tent.

Sunday was long. In one day we would need to hike up to the summit and back and then hike out the trail we had just hiked the day before.

In the morning the sun was teasing us through the clouds, but never really shone through. We started our summit bid at 8 AM. Getting used to seeing snow in August. Steep snow so the ice axe was necessary (no self belays necessary, but did practice a self-arrest). Beautiful terrain and my boots held up well (no blisters).

After a walk on a short ridge we were on the summit, celebrating by drinking some Canadian Club and marking our entry into the mountain registry. Unfortunately we were so socked in no real views from the summit.

Coming down was much quicker and after we returned to our base camp it was 12:30 PM.

To get out initially we needed to do some scrambling up which wasn't too fun, but after we got back on the trail smooth going.

We returned to the truck around 7:30 PM, tired, but happy. Beer made us happier. Lesson learned, buy chips to go with post-hike beer.


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