Monday, June 08, 2009

Leaving Taiwan

Yes it's true. After 10+ years heading back to North America, Silicon Valley to be specific.

Job and kids are the primary motivators.

Been reflecting on my time in Taiwan as there's less than 30 days to go (July 5th is the date on the one-way ticket).

I would have liked to hiked more in Taiwan. Snow Mountain was the first big mountain (+3000 meters) I hiked in Taiwan.

Here's the story from Gary Heath:

However, unedited version for the following section:

Walking through Huanshan felt like a retreat from a war front -- the peaceful rustic scene of orchards and mountainside dwellings contrasting starkly with the savage trail just battled. Back on the bus everyone looked tired, but my friends had all returned in good time and had the drinks ready.

Was originally written as the following:
Back on the bus everyone looked tired, but my friends, Dal, Joerg and Huiping, had all returned in good time. Dal had somehow procured a bottle of Canadian Club whisky in the village for us to drink -- a tonic for the troops.

Obviously I prefer the unedited version.


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