Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Eating in Singapore

Whenever I'm in a new place and choosing somewhere to eat I use a couple of criteria: 1. are there lots of people, and 2. are they locals? If I get a yes to both of those questions, I reason it must be a fairly safe choice. And if they have a sign in the window that says "Est. 1942" all the better. Komala Vilas, a small Indian restaurant had all three. About a stone's throw from the Tekka Market, Komala has delicious, authentic Indian food.

Last night, originally I had planned on eating at the Tekka Market in Little India, but after a couple of trips around the market decided to take a pass. Lucky for me. There were helpful pictures on the wall, so while attempting to say the name, I pointed to the picture on the wall.

In a crowded Indian restaurant, it felt a little funny to be the only non-Indian patron. No one bothered me, but felt a little funny all the same.

Last night had dinner with some classmates. We went to this place called Newport. Basically, sit where you want outside and then go to the different stalls and order. It's funny to hear that the Simpsons is also big in Australia. One of the guys did a spot on impersonation of Krusty the Clown.


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