Monday, December 19, 2005

Mu Dan Ting-2005.12

Mu Dan Ting-2005.12
Mu Dan Ting-2005.12, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

Cool thing about working for Trend is getting exposure to things that are totally off the radar.

Sunday Kate and I went to watch Kunqu Opera. The play was Mu Dan Ting and it was a special condensed version for Trend Micro.

The full version would have been 9 hours.

Kate took this picture of me with Kenneth Pai the writer/producer.

I wrote about meeting him here in an earlier post.

Tokyo Summit-2005.12

Tokyo Summit-2005.12
Tokyo Summit-2005.12, originally uploaded by jdgemm.

Visited Tokyo for a global summit meeting during the first week of December.

Lots of meetings, but still managed to see a little bit of Tokyo.