Thursday, July 26, 2007

The smile of self-confidence...

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I like this smile because it's the smile of self confidence.

In three days he went from me having to run beside him and either hold the back of his bike or put my hand on his back to steady him to having the confidence to ride completely by himself.

And he knows that despite scraped knees and multiple falls, he persevered and kept going until he succeeded.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Learning to ride

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Well we're getting there. Turning is still shaky, and starting is still a challenge, but all in all good progress for a couple of days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

B.C. prawn fishing

Fresh B.C. prawns.
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This was a first. Prawn fishing in Georgia Strait, just off Schooner Cove, Vancouver Island. Basically consists of filling a bunch of prawn traps with bait, sinking them to a depth of around 300 feet and then pulling them up sometime later.

Prawn traps look like nothing more than buckets with netting inside that will let the prawns crawl in, but will also prevent them from leaving.

Whole process only takes a couple of hours. This day we brought in 150 for four traps. Well under the 200/trap limit, but still not bad... and tasty, tasty.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

King's Peak Trail

Day 2
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Continuing the summer tradition, last year Cape Scott, this year King’s Peak Trail.

Facts: King’s Peak Trail, located on Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island.

Elevation: 6774 ft / 2065 m (8th highest on Vancouver Island).

Quick Notes
Day 1
o Drove towards Gold River
o Started on trail after 7:00 PM, objective the “Meadow”
o Humping a log to cross creek
o Learning to use ice axe (self-arrest techniques), plunge step, going up ice on the fly
o Woman heli-vacced few days before
o Taking forever to reach the “Meadow”
o “Meadow’ is completely covered with snow
o Setting up tent using headlamps
o Boots feeling good, no ‘hotspots” or rubbing = no blisters

Day 2
o Slept well, woken up by other hikers
o Breakfast= powdered milk and muslix
o Trying to choose our ascent route
o Door #1, door #2, door #3
o Hiker’s route
o Watching others make ascents
o Met people who was with woman heli-vacced
o Learned she had slipped on snow during day hike, broken elbow, plastic shoulder
o Remembered her signature in record book at summit
o Learning to “boot ski”
o Hitting my knee in a hole near a rock, so unnecessary
o Bouldering to get up
o Snow covered trail
o Jamey and his “mountain yoga”
o Constantly slipping during descent despite plunge step effort
o Unnecessarily traversing around a stream
o Mist blowing up over the ridge
o Digging holes for our feet
o Cold water over coffee grinds

Day 3
o Amazed at steepness of certain areas considering had to hike up them with full pack
o Raining wakes us up
o Rainy so limited picture taking opportunities
o Bruised buttocks from falling in snow so much

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kids will surprise you

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As I tucked my son in for the night, i was surprised to see him begin crying. He's had such a good time in Canada I wasn't sure what had saddened him. I thought it must be that he misses his mother because right before bed we looked at some trip pictures together.

In some of the pictures it's clear that he didn't really want to have his picture taken at the time with others (this isn't one of them).

Well, the reason he was crying wasn't because he missed his mommy, it was because he felt shame. Shame for acting like a "bad boy" and not behaving while having his picture taken.

6 and a half... Kids...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Securing Your Small Business

An article I wrote for Trend Micro that was picked up by SmartBiz an online publication focusing on small businesses.

Here's the bio. Yes that's me in the picture although the folks at the photoshop took some liberties.

Schmap: Boston Photo Short-list

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This was in my flickr mail box:

Hi Dal,

I am writing to let you know that one of your photos has been short-listed for inclusion in the third edition of our Schmap Boston Guide, to be published early in July.

Nice to know the photo is appreciated, even if I was late to respond for the July edition.